As a man approaching retirement I don’t know what I would have done if I wasn’t able to book London escorts for companionship

I was a man full of dreams who used to have a simple joy in life. I was the bread winner of the family for I am the eldest of the family. I was only 4 years old when my father left us. It was my mom raised us her 5 children. We are all boys, all of us were still depending on our mom and since I saw my mom find so hard in looking for money just to provide us with food and send us to school. I then decided to look for helpful; ways to lessen her obligations to us. Since I was the eldest it is my obligation to stand as the father of my family. At the very young age I look for jobs, I don’t care what kind of job it is for as long as it legal and I could get money after to buy some food for the family then I will go for it. Rita of London escort.

I don’t care what other people say that I am so dirty for I picked up plastic bottles on streets and sell it. For me at that time for as long as I could get money from it then I will do it. Even if my life was like that I still manage to finish my elementary grade with self-support, love and guidance from my mom. During my high school years my mom send me to her relative to be a working student and I am so lucky for my aunt treats me well and I finish high school with honors for I was given enough time to study my lessons. When I graduated in high school my mom told me not to pursue my college for she really cannot afford to send me to universities. I am kind of upset but I sincerely understand my mom. but out of my surprise I received a letter informing me that I passed the scholarship program in one of the biggest university downtown and that I will study in there for free and with allowance every month.

Receiving such blessing tells me to continue the dream that I have in my heart and that I could still reach my dreams even if I have empty pocket. Poverty is not a hindrance for success for now I became an engineer who build buildings, bridges and roads in London. I am a workaholic man for I know what it is to have nothing and that is why I made it sure that I will be able to provide the things that my brothers needs to like their future I let them finish their degrees so that they could feel the success that I had experienced and I was so lucky that all of them graduated and find great job also here in London like me. But later then I realized that I was left all alone when they decided to live on their own and have their own family and my mom passed away. I was in the retirement age that I feel so alone that I don’t have someone to talk to. As a man approaching retirement I don’t know what I would have done if I wasn’t able to book London escorts for companionship. it was London escorts heal the loneliness that I felt in my heart that I don’t even feel regrets that I did not get into marriage for London escorts were there helping me through the needs that I have during the time of loneliness.

I don’t care about the money for I had worked so hard for it I have all the ability in the world to spend it for as long as I am happy and contended. I do not have any regrets in my whole life and that is all because London escorts made me feel complete and contented that I am not looking or asking for more when it comes to my personal needs like pleasure, orgasm and satisfaction as a retired man. London escorts is such a blessing to me and the best companion for me.


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